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Ethnic Food Cafe

Desi Cuisine & Millet Restaurant
KVK’s Ethnic Food Café was inaugurated and made open to public on 15th August, 2018. The main objective of Ethnic Café is to educate the public to consume millets rich in fibre content compared to routine wheat and rice food products. The Café supplies Millet Dosa, Millet Paddu, Millet Pongal, Millet Poori, Millet Mirchi / Baji, Millet Lunch and Millet Sweets to the public in order to enable them to taste the goodness of millets and cook the same in their homes by using the millets being grown in Gadag district under harsh drought conditions. The visuals and literature are displayed in the Café to create complete awareness about using millets in daily diet to maintain the good health and to avoid life style diseases associated with consumption of fibreless food. The staff of Ethnic Café also educate the interested public as to how to cook millet recepies so that the public take back the knowledge of using millets in day today consuming food items like Dosa, Idli, Paddu, Poori, Pongal, Millet Roti, Millet Rice, Millet Mirchi / Baji etc.
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