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Activities Carried out during April and May,2023

  1. VISIT OF Dr. RAJENDRA SINGH, WATERMAN OF INDIA : Ichalahalla stream in Gadag Block was rejuvenated by Zilla Panchayat, Gadag under the guidance of Dr. Rajendra Singh, a renowned Waterman of India duing the year 2005. During this process ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulkoti played a vital role in creating awareness through campaigns and capacity building programmes to farmers of 6 villages on importance of rejuvenation of Ichalahalla stream from Nagavi to Hirehandigol villages in Gadag taluk. In this backdrop, on 18-04-2023 Dr.Rajendra Singh visited Ichalahalla stream to see the present benefits of stream for agriculture and allied activities. Dr.Rajendra Singh interacted with KVK Scientists and farmers. Farmers expressed their happiness over benefits accured due to rejuvenation of Ichalahalla stream as they are getting higher productivity in the crops due to perennial flow of stream. Dr.Rajendra Singh was overwhelmed with the impact of rejuvenation of Ichalahalla stream and congratulated all Stakeholders.
  2. LIVE TELECAST OF MANN KI BAAT PROGRAMME : The live telecast of Mann Ki Baat programme of Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji, Government of India was organised at ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulkoti on 30-04-2023. On this occasssion KVK Scientists briefed about natural farming, preparation of organic inputs, bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers. About 155 farmers, farm women and KVK Staff participated in the programme.
  3. TRAINING OF EXTENSION FUNCTIONARIES : On 13-04-2023, ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulkoti organised training to the Extension Functionaries of Mahila Samukhya. Dr.Sudha V.Mankani, SMS (Home Science) briefed the extension functionaries on Food and Nutrition, Millet Nutrition and Value addition of Millets. Further, the exhibition of millet grains was also organised to create awareness on different types of millets. Smt. Manjula, State Project Director, Mahila Samukhya, Bangalore, Smt. Arati Sabarad, DPC, Dharwad and Gadag and 80 Extension Functionaries participated in the programme
  4. SELF EMPLOYMENT DAIRY FARMING TRAINING FOR RURAL YOUTHS: Dairy farming training to rural youths was organised by ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulkoti in collaboration with SBI-ASF-RSETI, Hulkoti from 24-04-2023 to 03-05-2023. 16 unemployed rural youths participated in the training programme. The Scientific Dairy Farming training coupled with preparation of project report made a good impact on youths. The Government Officials delivered lectures on various aspects of dairy farming. The exposure visits to successful dairy entrepreneurs unit at Dundur and Asundi villages of Gadag block was organised.
  5. DEMONSTRATION OF GROUNDNUT DIGGER CUM ELEVATOR: Tractor Operated Groundnut digger cum elevator was demonstrated in summer groundnut field at Asundi village under OFT programme. Totally 1.2 ha area was covered for harvesting of summer groundnut. The performance of machine was found satisfactory with good area coverage compared to farmers’ practice of manual harvesting. Farmers opined that the machine would reduce labour requirement and cost involved in manual harvesting. Pod damage was also significantly reduced when compared to harrowing operation. Overall, the machine performed well both under red soil and black soil conditions with very less damage to pods. The machine could cover around 1 acre of land per hour. The manual collection and windrowing of uprooted plants were also simplified.
  6. TRAINING FOR MAITRI WORKERS : Training on ‘Artificial Insemination’ in collaboration with Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services of Gadag district under National Gokul Mission Scheme is being conducted from 16-05-2023 to 15-06-2023 at ICAR-KVK, Gadag. Under this training programme, the topics covered are Anatomy of Cattle, Sheep and Goat, Reproductive systems of male and female cattle, sheep and goat, Nutrition and diseases management in large and small ruminants & various Breeds of cattle, sheep and goat, Time of artificial insemination in dairy animals, Management of ecto-endo parasites, Management of dairy animals during pregnancy and milking period and First-aid in Veterinary Services. Trainees shall be guided to give door to door artificial insemination services in dairy animals where there is no Government institute in the villages. 41 trainees are undergoing the training programme.
  7. TRAINING FOR RURAL YOUTHS: Training on Scientific rearing of Sheep and Goat was conducted at ICAR-KVK, Gadag in collaboration with SBI-ASF RSETI, Hulkoti under SHREE BALUMAMA KURIGAYI SANGOPANA SEVA DHARMIK TRUST (R) of Dharwad from 22nd to 31st May 2023. Under this training programme topics covered are Benefits & economics of Sheep and goat rearing, Breeds of sheep and goat, Stall feeding method, Nutrition and disease management, Management of ecto-endo parasite, Insurance of sheep and goat and preparation of project report. 35 trainees are participating in this training programme.
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