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Activities Carried out during the period April to June, 2022

  1. NATIONAL CAMPAIGN ON FARM MECHANIZATION : One day training programme on “Mechanization Practices in Crop Residue Management” was conducted at KVK, Gadag on 04-04-2022 as a part of “National Campaign on Farm Mechanization” organized by the Agricultural Engineering Division, ICAR, New Delhi from 28th March to 04th April 2022. Totally 38 farmers and farm women had participated in the programme. Dr. Vinayaka Niranjan, SMS (Ag. Engg.) sensitised the farmers about different machineries available for crop residue management and also discussed about alternative uses of crop residue that could fetch additional income to the farmers.
  2. KISAN BHAGIDARI – PRATHMIKTA HAMARI CAMPAIGN : ICAR-KVK, Gadag and ATMA under Department of Agriculture, Gadag jointly organised Kisan Mela and Technical Convention on 26-04-2022 on the eve of Kisan Bhagidari Prathamikta Hamari Campaign. The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Shanta Balaganur, President, Gram Panchayat, Hulkoti. Mrs. Kamalakshi Halli, Vice President, Gram Panchayat, Hulkoti inaugurated the Exhibition Stalls. Shri Raman Jagadishan, Assistant General Manager, NABARD, Gadag participated as Chief Guest. Shri Shailendra Biradar, Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture, Shri R.K.Ravi, Assistant Director of Agriculture, Gadag, Mrs. Rajeshwari, Agriculture Officer, RSK, Hulkoti, Shri Rudrappa Elalli, Deputy Project Director, ATMA participated as guests. Dr. L.G.Hiregoudar, Senior Scientist and Head was present on the occasion.
  3. FIELD DAY ON CFLD-NMOOP-SUMMER GROUNDNUT CROP : Field day on Summer Groundnut crop was organised by ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulkoti on 04-05-2022 at Singatarayanakeri village of Mundaragi block under Cluster Demonstration - NMOOP Project for the year 2021-22. The field day was organised at Shri Mahesh Roddanavar’s field. The high yielding variety viz., Kadiri Lepakshi along with Integrated Crop Management Practices were demonstrated to farmers.
  4. AWARENESS CUM TRAINING PROGRAMME ON NUTRITION GARDEN AND TERRACE GARDEN : ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulkoti with the support of Host Organisation Agricultural Science Foundation initiated Nutrition Garden and Terrace Garden in Gadag city. In lieu of this, KVK conducted training, technical support, providied seeds of leafy vegetables and other vegetables on 24-05-2022. Further, the information on bio-pesticides, vermicomposting, use of bio-fertilizers, conversion of kitchen waste to wealth and the kitchen garden was laid out in one of the backyard of the urban citizen.
  5. RELEASE OF PUBLICATION : The booklet “THE JOURNEY TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH NICRA INTERVENTIONS” published by ICAR-KVK, Gadag was released by Dr. V.K.Singh, Director, ICAR-CRIDA, Hyderabad during Annual Review cum Action Plan Meeting of NICRA held at ICAR-ATARI, Bengaluru on 13-06-2022.Dr. V. Venkatasubramanian, Director, ICAR-ATARI, Bengaluru Dr. JVNS Prasad, Principal Scientist and Head for TDC Component, NICRA, Dr.B.Hemla Naik, Director of Extension, UAHS, Shimogga, Dr. K. Narayanagouda, Director of Extension, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Dr. Jayashree Krishnan Kutti, Director of Extension, Kerala Agriculture University, and Dr. DVS Reddy, Principal Scientist and Nodal Officer for NICRA Project, ICAR-ATARI, Bengaluru were present during the occasion.
  6. WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY : ICAR-KVK, Gadag celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June, 2022. Women Self Help Group Members under NRLM Programme were trained on waste management in the community premises. Tree planting was done at KVK Campus.
  7. SHEEP AND GOAT TRAINING PROGRAMME : ICAR-KVK, Gadag in collaboration with SBI-ASF-RSETI, Hulkoti organised 10 days duration training programme on Sheep and Goat rearing from 6-15 June, 2022. Various topics viz., breeds, construction of sheds, food preparation, diseases, vaccination, insurance and banking were covered along with skills. Exposure visit to successful sheep and goat entrepreneurs’ unit was arranged. A total of 20 youths participated in the training programme.
  8. WORKSHOP ON “ENERGY CONSERVATION IN AGRICULTURE : Workshop on “Energy Conservation in Agriculture” was organized on 22-06-2022 at ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulkoti, Gadag District sponsored by Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), South Zone, Chennai. Dr. Vinayaka H Niranjan, SMS (Ag. Engg.) elaborated about the energy input status in Indian agriculture, energy utilization pattern in agriculture, importance of conserving petroleum products and operating procedures to be followed to conserve energy sources. Participants interacted with the speaker and shared their experiences on the workshop topic. Raised queries on efficient utilization of diesel engine operated agricultural machines and discussed about installation and maintenance of solar pumps and wind mill pumps. Literatures in vernacular language were distributed to the participants. Dr. Vinayaka H Niranjan concluded the workshop with a vote of thanks.
  9. CELEBRATION OF INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY : International Yoga Day was celebrated at KVK premises for the farmers and farm women on 21-06-2022. Dr. Satish Hombali, Yoga Expert and Chief Medical Officer of K.H.Patil Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences Institute, Hulkoti inaugurated the event and spoke on importance of yoga in daily life. After inauguration of the programme, yogic exercises were taught for the participating youths, farmers and farm women.
  10. AWARENESS ON BALANCED USE OF FERTILIZERS : Looking into the importance of balanced use of fertilizers. ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulkoti organized awareness programme on balanced use of fertilizers for the farmers and farm women. Use of organic manures, green manures, organic inputs and bio-fertilizers, soil test based nutrient application and use of nano urea for various crops of the district were covered during the awareness programme
  11. AWARENESS ON REGION SPECIFIC AGRO-FORESTRY : To reduce the risk of climatic vulnerability in cultivation of field crops, ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulkoti organized awareness programmes on region specific agro-forestry systems in red soil and black soil of dryland area for farmers and farm women on 22-06-2022.
  12. BUYERS-SELLERS MEET ON CASHEWNUT : Cashew Growers and Raw Cashewnut Buyers Meet was organized by ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulkoti on 22-06-2022 and 25-06-2022. Buyers from Cashew Processing Industries, Belagavi and Chikkodi participated in the meeting. Quality parameters such as moisture content in nuts and cashew counts were assessed by the buyers to fix the price. More than 30 tons of raw cashewnuts are available for sale with farmers.
  13. ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME FOR SHGs : ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra in collaboration with Department of Women and Child Welfare, Gadag organized training programme to the SHG members on entrepreneurship development under “Amrut Self Help Micro Enterprise Project”. Two trainings were conducted from 16th to 18th June and 20th to 22nd June, 2022 comprising of 200 members belonging to 175 SHGs in Gadag district. The trainees were trained in packaging, labeling, licensing, marketing, accounting, Bank transactions, money management, tax, GST etc. Further the exposure visit to processing unit, oil processing unit, organic sales unit, Ethnic food café at KVK were organized. The trainees were exposed to various packaging machines and packing techniques.
  14. BUSINESS PLAN FOR SHGs : ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra conducted training on “Marketing, packing, labeling, licensing and empowerment of women” organized by Zilla Panchayat and National Rural Livelihood Mission under National Economic Transformation Project on the capacity building and business plan to technical persons of entrepreneurship service centres on 21-06-2022.
  15. DEMONSTRATION ON NUTRITIVE RICH RECIPE – MILLET VEGETABLE MANCHURIAN : ICAR-K.H.Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra conducted method demonstration on nutritive millet vegetable Manchurian under ICAR-Gender and Nutrition Project on 24-06-2022 at Shingatarayanakeri village of Mundaragi block in Gadag district. The locally available millets, vegetables and other ingredients were used in the demonstration. The nutritive rich recipe was demonstrated with an intention to increase the consumption of millets / Sorghum among all age group using locally available vegetables and other ingredients with modern cosine / taste. Thirty two women and children participated and all relished the millet Manchurian.
    • Assessment of Spreading Groundnut varieties for higher productivity at Asundi, Kurtakoti and Akkigund villages.
    • Assessment of production potential of different Blackgram varieties under rainfed condition in Akkigund village.
    • Assessment of high yielding variety of Greengram in Halligudi village.
    • ICM in DGGV-2 variety in Greengram crop in all the adopted clusters.
    • Demonstration of Maize+Redgram intercropping system in Akkigund and Asundi villages.
    • ICM in Maize crop in Akkigund, Asundi and Mooganur villages.
    • Demonstration of high yielding Foxtail Millet variety in all adopted clusters.
    • Demonstration of bio-fortified VPMV-9 variety of Pearl Millet in Halligudi and Akkigund villages.
    • Demonstration of IM in onion variety of Bheema Super in Halligudi, Asundi and Mooganur villages.
    • Demonstration of ICM in Red Chillies in Halligudi, Asundi and Mooganur villages.
    • Demonstration of Fodder Production in all adopted clusters.
    • Integrated Farming Systems on 04-04-2022.
    • Millets and its value addition on 05-04-2022.
    • Mechanisation in straw management on 06-04-2022.
    • Natural farming - Principles and methods on 26th and 27-04-2022.
    • Operation and maintenance of compartmental bunding on 04-05-2022.
    • Health, nutrition, hygiene and solid waste management on 12-05-2022.
    • Scientific dairy farming on 13-05-2022.
    • Production technologies on Greengram & Soyabean on 23-05-2022.
    • Nutrition, terrace gardening and vermicomposting on 24-05-2022.
    • Waste management, nutrition & hygiene on 30-05-2022 and 06-06-2022.
    • Sheep rearing on 06-06-2022.
    • Kitchen waste management on 14-06-2022.
    • ICM in Onion and Chilli crop on 15-06-2022.
    • Importance and use of Nano Urea on 16-06-2022.
    • Energy conservation in agriculture on 22-06-2022.
    • Nutrition garden on 23rd, 29th and 30th, June 2022.
    • Designing and development of high nutrient efficiency diet on 24-06-2022
    • Production technology of Kharif crops on 29-06-2022.
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