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Organic Input Production

As a drought proofing measures and risk reducing practices, following technologies and activities are promoted
  • Vermicompost enrichment with PSB, Azotobactor and Trichoderma.
  • Farm yard manure enrichment with PSB, Azotobactor, Neem Cake and Trichoderma.
  • Vermicompost enrichment with Azolla cultures
  • Preparation and usage of Jeevamrutha, Ghanajeevamrutha,Panchagavya and compost.
  • Method demonstration on bio-dynamic agriculture.
  • Promotion of IPM technologies.
  • Promotion of usage of bio-fertiliser and neem cake.
  • Training on preparation and usage of organic input.
Preparation of compost Preparation of vermicompost
Enrichment of vermicompost Preparation of vermiwash
Preparation of Beejamrutha Prepartion of bio-pesticides (Garlic + Chilli extract)
Preparation of Ghanajeevamrutha
Bengalgram Seed treatment with Rhizobium Installation of phermone traps
Fruit borer managment with Fligh-T traps Shoot & fruit borer mangement in Brinjal through use of water traps
Preparation of Panchagavya
Stored grain pest management with TNAU traps
FYM treated with PSB, Azotobacter & Trichoderma Bio-dynamics
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